Every morning, we announce a new 'SoJO Stupid Citizen' at 6:45.  Many times, we find stories that have to do with bank robbers and their unique (and unsuccessful) ways to rob a bank.

This stupid citizen from Vineland, tops it all.


Stephen Mercado apparently entered a citi bank Thursday afternoon and handed a teller a note demanding money.  He indicated he had a weapon, and then fled to his car with an undisclosed amount of cash as bank employees contacted authorities.

According to authorities, Mercado, who had parked at a nearby business, tried to drive away but didn’t get far before running out gas.   He then called a cab company for a ride, but was captured just moments after he got out of his vehicle.

See—he should have drove a prius---it’s 100% electric, and the only thing he has to worry about is running of NPR.

By the way, Police said the weapon he had was a garden hose spray nozzle.


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