Two Bridgeton men were driving down Black Horse Pike, yes it almost sounds like an opening line of a joke. Guess what they were looking for?


Our two friends from Bridgeton were looking for vending machines to break into (what are we in 6'th grade?)  They had a key to the locks of certain vending machines, and they found one inside of Perfomance Motors.


Here's where it gets interesting:

The key didn't fit in the machine

The office had an alarm

Our two friends run from the scene by going to a local wawa (which, by the way, has cameras in the parking lot and inside the store.)

They come back to the scene by setting the building the fire

They call 911 by using a false name----the 911 dispatcher eventually calls the phone back and they answered by using their REAL name.

As fire fighters take care of the fire, the two men sat and watched.

Yea, we don't know HOW they got caught either.

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