Recently, there has been a big debate over the red light cameras in South Jersey, in which many people are being issued tickets because the yellow lights are turning red too quick.  A guy who calls himself "Bacon Moose" (not sure why), found a creative way of paying for his 137 dollar ticket....


In this video, Bacon Moose is paying a $137 traffic ticket with 137 single dollar bills that were each painstakingly folded into origami pigs.


The little paper pigs are then loaded into two large empty Dunkin Donut boxes and delivered to the police station.


The $1 piggies took around six hours to prepare. But "Bacon Moose" said he believes it was well worth it. But as might be expected, the cashier at the police station was not too happy at the boxed surprise and made him unfold each one.


However, he eventually came around and said, "You made me laugh. You have made my day sir, I'll give you that."



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