This is for every person that is basically over reading about weight loss tricks and diets to help you lose weight or reach your "New Year Resolution".

So I was trolling on Facebook when I came across an article from Thrillist, that had a triple cheeseburger and a caption "The Simplest Weight Loss Trick". Any weight loss trick involving a triple cheeseburger is one I want to be involved in so naturally I clicked it.

What's the trick? It's literally 'learning what a serving size is'. Easy, simple and actually so true. At first I laughed because it was totally obvious, but then I took a minute and really thought about it.

I have been "dieting" (as in I failed miserably) and I was on this ridiculous no-carb high protein diet. While this may work for some, I was left hungry and eating double on the weekend when hanging with friends.

BUT ever since using My Fitness Pal, I began tracking my meals. So it forced me to really track my calories and KNOW what a serving size was...

Eventually my body naturally adjusted, so I eat a serving size of my meals, and still get to indulge! Sure, you won't drop weight super fast, but slow and steady wins the race right?

Personally, I prefer this method. You don't go crazy, and it's less guilt-tripping. I love food too much to feel sad for 'breaking my diet'.

And then if you do cheat a bit, forget about it, life goes on! There's always the next day.

Source: Thrillist