Well that was fast. The New Jersey state government has released the most popular baby names of 2018. This shouldn’t be confused with the Social Security Administration’s official list that comes out in the Spring but I guess the state has a pretty good handle on the names of babies born in New Jersey.

The list has a decidedly millennial flair with names that were unheard of back in the old days when I was young, although typically, New Jersey’s list, especially on the boys’ side, has a more traditional bent. Some of the more traditional male names are represented, like Michael, Joseph, and Matthew; those names were not on the national list last year, although the top two boys’ names were the same for New Jersey in 2018 and nationally for 2017: Liam and Noah. The top girls name is also the same for New Jersey and for the USA; it’s Emma.

One final note: (ahem), William is in the top 10 nationally but not in New Jersey; those of you expecting boys, see what you can do about that.

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