A big asteroid will be coming to trick or treat with us this Halloween. Actually, I sincerely hope not because I have an irrational fear of asteroids. This large asteroid, deemed the Great Pumpkin, will be flying close BUT at a safe distance from Earth on Saturday, October 31st.

Asteroid 2015 TB145 was discovered earlier this month on October10th and is estimated to be 1,300 feet wide. It's going to flyby the Earth 300,000 miles away and poses no threat at all (FYI, that's a little further than the moon).

For those amateur astronomers out there, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and own a telescope you will have a great view of the asteroid. It's the perfect opportunity also because asteroids this size only come around every five years. The next one according to astronomers wont be until 2027.

So don't worry, you will be safe! Happy Trick or Treating!

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