A mysterious light moved across the Southern California sky on Saturday night baffling witnesses who spotted it. It has been revealed to be a scheduled missile test flight.

Witnesses who spotted the mysterious light were puzzled by its spontaneous and mysterious appearance. Of course, it immediately was posted to social media sparking curiosity that it could possibly be a UFO. The Pentagon said the light was actually a scheduled missile test flight from a navy submarine, the USS Kentucky. The light streak could also be seen in Nevada and Arizona. Needless to say, officials received many phone calls about the light, because it's easy to believe it could be ...aliens.

Some witnesses thought the light to be a comet, or a nuclear bomb in the sky (yikes). According to the Union-Tribune, witnesses even thought the light to be part of the annual Taurid meteor shower, which would make more sense.

Check out the video of the light below:

P.S: I am completely convinced that it was aliens, just saying.


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