If you are looking for a brief escape from your everyday life, this is just about as FAR away from South Jersey as you can get!

This is amazing - LIVE streaming video from NASA and the International Space Station, of Earth.

According to Space Videos page on YouTube, where this video streams live:

As the Space Station passes into a period of night every 45 mins video is unavailable - during this time, and other breaks in transmission, recorded footage is shown .

When back in daylight the live stream of earth will recommence.


I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. I check in a couple of times a day to see where the ISS is flying over. It kind of puts things in perspective and we can see how small and insignificant we really are.

Speaking of things up in the sky, see if you can tell me what this is I spotted in the sky, from The Mike Show and SoJO 104.9...



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