We think of Thanksgiving as a fattening, once-a-year indulgence.  But actually, there are a bunch of Thanksgiving foods that are GOOD for you.


1.  Turkey.  Turkey is one of the healthiest meats, and it's almost totally fat free.  It's also a great source of protein.  You can prepare it in a low sodium chicken broth if you want to avoid a lot of salt.



2.  Cranberries.  People usually only eat them once a year, but cranberries are one of those healthy super-foods.  I personally can't stand them, they have a bunch of antioxidants and nutrients, and who needs that?


They actually help prevent ulcers and infections.  They're also loaded with vitamins.



3.  Sweet potatoes.   Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and minerals, so they're better for you than regular mashed potatoes.


But what about pie?


4.  Apple pie.  Apples are full of vitamins and fiber, so that's a score.  But apple pies usually contain a bunch of spices that are filled with health benefits.  And if you make it with a wheat crust, it's even better for you.


Of course, you can always add whip cream and/or ice cream, which will basically ruin everything.


Do you have any healthy Thanksgiving tips? Feel free to comment below.....


Special thanks to FitDay for the healthy tips