How could Thanksgiving dinner be ANY tastier? Leave it to a popular Absecon, New Jersey restaurant to take on that challenge AND make eating it even more convenient.

When I saw these sliders on the menu at Sunryser Restaurant & Deli it stopped me in my tracks. I'd never seen Thanksgiving dinner put together quite like this before. But leave it to the creative minds at Sunryser to reinvent the wheel.

This is place known for making ice cream tacos and burritos and topping French fries with soft serve.

But these mini waffle sliders take the term 'gobbler' to a whole other level. FYI, look out Wawa.

Wait until you hear what these babies are made out of. They're stuffing-stuffed mini waffles on top and bottom, and in between is fresh carved turkey topped with cranberry sauce and gravy! And they fit in your hand!

You get two per order.

I know of a place in Camden County, New Jersey called Franco's that once made Panzarottis (a version of a pizza turnover) stuffed entirely with Thanksgiving dinner ingredients, but these Gobbler mini waffles may trump those!

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Well done, Sunryser, well done. I can't wait to try these for myself. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunryser Restaurant & Deli is located at 632 N. Shore Road, Absecon, NJ.

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