Tips to Boost Mental Health
May is Mental Health Awareness month and it raises our understanding of habits and behaviors that increase the risks of mental illnesses. Here are five tips to boost your mental health.
13 Days of Turkey - Day 1 [VIDEO]
Welcome to my Thanksgiving blog series, 13 Days of Turkey.  Over the next couple weeks I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite tips for making your holiday turkey all that it can be.  Follow my simple rules and you're guaranteed to deliver your family a delicious bird.
On this Day 1, I begin wit…
Watch This to Learn How to Look Younger [VIDEO]
Living at the Jersey Shore we have the luxury of having the beach in our backyard, but that isn't always great for our skin, and brutally cold winters can cause our skin to dry out. However, there are plenty of simple tips you can use to keep your complexion healthy and glowing despite you…
Was Pizza Guy Lying to Get Bigger Tip?
So, we're watching college football Saturday night and we ordered pizza.
The total came to $28 and we waited for the pizza guy to show up. My Georgia Bulldogs were losing badly to Alabama, which is never good.
Doorbell rang, and as expected, the bill was $28. So ...

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