5 Ways to Use Pumpkins in Your Beauty Regimen
Now that it's October, pumpkin season is back in full swing! Pumpkins are one of the most versatile fruits (yes, they're technically fruits), in the food family. We know that they're great for food recipes, fall decor, and Halloween crafts. But here's somethin…
These Carved Pumpkins Are Totally South Jersey [PHOTOS]
One of the early signs that fall has arrived is the sightings of bright, orange pumpkins everywhere. From roadside stands to farms to front porches, pumpkins are a sure sign of the season. As we get closer to Halloween we start to see all kinds of jack-o-lanterns carved out in all sorts of designs.
Cute Babies in Pumpkins [PHOTOS]
What could be better than a pumpkin big enough to fit a baby in?!  Some of these tykes look like they're holding on for dear life, but it's such a perfect pair.  Check out our gallery of cute babes in pumpkins!  And if you've got a photo of your own, use the comment box…