Police are searching for the thieves who stole 192 pumpkins from a popular pumpkin patch in Wayne, New Jersey.

When I told Mike this story, his reaction was: "really? they couldn't just round off the number?" Not only are they thieves, they also couldn't apparently round off the number.

Jokes aside, NBC News reports the thieves were caught on surveillance video stealing pumpkins on three separate occasions from Farms View Pumpkin Patch early Tuesday.

Farms View Pumpkin Patch is well known for its animated talking pumpkin, "Happy Jack," and their apple cider treats.

The farm stand and pumpkin patch has been family run since 1894, and they're in disbelief something like this happened. Todd Kuehm says, "that's how we make our living, that's how we pay our bills." (Huffington Post)

Reportedly, the stolen pumpkins are worth between $2,500 and $3,000, which is a pretty penny. Wayne Police ask anyone with information to please contact them at: (973) 633-3530.

Watch the surveillance footage: