People are really getting into the Halloween and election spirit by carving their pumpkins to look like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Okay set whatever views you have during this election to the side to check out these absolutely hilarious, and well done 'Trumpkins' people are carving this Halloween! says the trend started way before Donald Trump won the Republican nom for President:

It was just something about the orange skin of the seasonal squash and the oh-so-imitable characteristics of the businessman-turned-politician that moved people to get carving their own "Trumpkin."

Hahaha couldn't agree more. The Donald definitely has some memorable facial expressions. Now with all this election stuff going on, the Trump Pumpkin craze is in full throttle

When you have the chance, go on Twitter, type #trumpkin and just scroll through all the carvings!

Where'd they even find a pumpkin this large?

Oh and here's the one I found on Hillary Clinton:


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