Men Watch Childbirth For the First Time [VIDEO]
When I was in the 7th grade, my friend across the street had a box of VHS tapes.  One of the tapes he put in the VCR was a video recording of his Mom giving birth (true story).  I had never been so disturbed in my young life.  But, I'm glad I know what to expect now.  These …
Newborns Won't Let Go
Ok, if this video doesn't make you appreciate the miracle of life, you're dead inside.  Most of us come into this world alone, but multiples get to share the experience with one another.  And these twins are not yet ready to accept the idea of being separated.
Due Date Watch!
With Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Kim Kardashian recently birthing healthy baby girls, our attention turns towards the other batch of celebs currently baking new bundles of joy!  Our baby bump watch is hitting its stride this spring and we're full of offspring fever!  So who's next?
#1.  Duchess of Cambridg…
If Toddlers Could Use Facebook
Most of us can hardly go a day without checking our feed. Checking out Facebook is a ritual now. People of all ages use the social network site. The conversations range from the mild to the wild. But, we can talk. Have you ever wondered what a toddlers timeline would look like?
Cute Babies in Pumpkins [PHOTOS]
What could be better than a pumpkin big enough to fit a baby in?!  Some of these tykes look like they're holding on for dear life, but it's such a perfect pair.  Check out our gallery of cute babes in pumpkins!  And if you've got a photo of your own, use the comment box…

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