Third grader Chloe Hastings wanted to help children in need, and ended up throwing a baby shower for a woman she never met.

Hastings, from Woodstown and a student at Shoemaker School, was given a community service assignment and decided she wanted to do something that would help babies, which lead her to connecting with Camden Healthy Start, a local non-profit that supports at-risk women with pre and post-natal healthcare and infant care.

The program's coordinator told the Hastings family about Carmen Delgado, an expectant mother of four trying to put her life back on track after spending time in prison, according to Courier Post.

Earlier this month, little Chloe put together an event at her house, collecting all sorts of baby items donated by members of the community. This past weekend, Chloe and her mom threw a baby shower for Delgado at Camden Healthy Start, and presented her with all the gifts, which included loads of diapers.

Chloe Hastings is a beacon, as is Shoemaker School for introducing their students to the importance and benefit of community service. May they both serve as examples for all of us!

SOURCES: Courier Post; Camden Healthy Start on Facebook

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