Young Jeffrey is standing in solidarity with couples who were supposed to have their wedding this year, but got interrupted by the pandemic. Listen to 'Cancelling the Caterer', Young Jeffrey's new Song of the Week.

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Every Friday during Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning, Jeff his Song of the Week. They're not exactly 'parodies', most of the time they're more of a tribute.

Couples all over South Jersey have been forced to modify, postpone, or cancel their 2020 wedding plans. Nothing indoors, face masks, limited guests, and, in some instances, no drinking or dancing. What worse, is some couples are eating thousands of dollars in deposits they'll never get back.

Brides and grooms everywhere are just depressed and disappointed. Weddings take so long to plan, and take so much effort. That's why instead of singing Sam Smith's 'Dancing with a Stranger', Young Jeffrey transformed the tune into 'Cancelling the Caterer'. It's a tune engaged couples can definitely relate to. Watch the video and listen to Jeffrey's latest creation below.

If you're one of South Jersey's engaged couples that had to postpone your wedding, we're so sorry! We hope once you get to have your celebration, that it's the start of a lifetime of happiness.

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