The New Jersey State Police are warning of a phone scam spoofing the real number of one of their stations that asks for personal information.

The call appears to come from the number 856-451-0100, the number of the Bridgeton station, and the caller attempts to "frighten victims into providing their personal information over the phone," according to State Police.

Spoofing is the term used for calls made using technology that displays a different phone number than the actual number of the phone being used.

State Police said they would never threaten anyone with arrest on a phone call for not providing personal information or money, or make a call asking for information such as a Social Security number or a date of birth.

The best way to handle such a call is to not provide the information and then hang up, according to State Police.

Other ways to avoid being scammed on the phone, according to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs:

  • Never send money to a bill collector who threatens you over the phone. A utility agency will not shut off your service without first sending a letter informing you of the amount you owe and the proposed shut-off date. Be wary of anyone who claims to represent official agencies and then requests personal information.
  • Keep your credit card, checking account, or Social Security numbers to yourself even if someone is asking you to "confirm" this information. If a caller's pitch seems suspicious, it's probably a scam. A quick Google search of the caller's pitch will often confirm your suspicions! It is illegal for companies that operate contests or sweepstakes to demand payment up front to collect a prize, or to require you to pay money to enter a sweepstakes or contest. If you’re being asked to pay up front, refuse.
  • Legitimate companies do not cold-call consumers with regard to malfunctioning computers, viruses, or any other matter. If you get a call like this, hang up immediately. When confronted with an unfamiliar caller — especially someone asking for money or personal information — HANG UP! Every minute you stay on the line leaves you open to fraud.

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