Statistics say the average person in New Jersey will eat ice cream more than 25 times this summer. That is a lot of ice cream! You'd better study up on local ice cream places that do a fantastic job serving cold, sweet treats to the hungry masses every summer in South Jersey.

On second thought, you don't have to. We have already done it for you!

Welcome to South Jersey's Ultimate Ice Cream Guide!

As a public service, we have painstakingly researched the best ice cream places in Atlantic, Cape May, and lower Ocean counties and compiled that information for you.

Hey, somebody had to do it, and, believe was our pleasure!

We have compiled information, specialties, reviews, and photos of dozens of ice cream places in South Jersey. The Ultimate Ice Cream Guide can help you see which ice cream places are close to you or offer something different than the places you have tried before.

If you are like us, you might like finding out about ice cream places that aren't even in your neighborhood, just to get a sense of what is happening out there in the world of ice cream, frozen custard, water ice, and frozen specialties.

We realize that we may not have included every ice cream shop in South Jersey...yet, but give us a chance! If you know of a favorite ice cream shop that we have excluded, tell us about it in the comments, so we can do the research and include them, too.
Have a great summer and happy ice cream eating!

South Jersey's Ultimate Ice Cream Guide

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