A 'Pokemon Go' player found $2,000 in cash while playing at a Pokestop in New Jersey.

This is awesome! 6abc reports, the player found the money and notified a nearby business that he found the money at a Pokestop on Wednesday.

Now, for those of you asking the question 'what is a Pokestop?' it's a place where players can get free items for the game, such as an egg that could be a Pokemon. It's basically a place where players can acquire things to make them better trainers.

This 'Pokemon Go' player made the right choice to turn the money over to police, and it worked out for the best!

Reportedly, the person who lost the money had contacted Hackettstown police, their money was missing. By a stroke of luck, everything matched perfectly and the money was returned.

The officer was able to locate the player by the business's surveillance camera. No news, whether the two people happened to have a meet-up.

But, it's great that everything worked for the best!

Source: 6abc News

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