As you probably have heard (or downloaded), Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. But do you have an obsession? Check out our 5 surefire signs that YOU might need a Pokemon Go intervention. 

  • 1

    Sore Legs

    Rewind the clock about 2 weeks when walking more than a mile in a day was ‘too taxing’ on your body. It seemed unnecessary when you could just hop in a car or do everything in the comfort of your own house, right? However, after Pokemon Go was dropped in our laps, people decided that getting off their butts to catch Pokemon was worth the effort.

    This game requires a lot of walking and before you know it, you’ve walked 10 miles! I suppose it was all worth it if you finally caught that Scyther though.

  • 2

    Voluntary Car Rides With Your Parents

    When was the last time that you drove with your parents to the grocery store? Or went with them on an errands run? Maybe when you were too young to stay at home by yourself? Well part of this game is getting mileage and some people have noticed that sitting in the backseat of the car can get you within the distance necessary to catch a Pokemon. Plus, once they get to their destination you’ll probably just continue to walk around catching Pokemon in the parking lot until they come back.

  • 3

    Unusual Driving Patterns

    Yelling at your friends to pull over usually means that there’s some sort of emergency on the road. Maybe there’s an ambulance behind you. Maybe there’s an accident ahead that will make your friend slam their foot on the brake to avoid contact. Nope, it’s not any of those things. You caused a stoppage in traffic because you saw a Dratini on the side of the road and you just “had to have it.” It’s okay, the people driving up quickly behind you were probably trying to catch the same thing.

  • 4

    Receiving Weird Looks From People Who Don’t Play the Game

    You can only catch a Pokemon with the assistance of the camera on your phone. Therefore, holding your phone up to your face is common with this game. Maybe someone has yelled at you to stop taking a picture of their house, or to stop trying to get to their backyard to catch a Pikachu. Or perhaps, your face has met a wall or door. This game has taken walking while looking down at your phone to a whole new level. Keep your heads up kids, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

  • 5

    Stopping at Buildings You Never Would Have Stopped at Before

    Remember back in the day when the library or post office were places that people frequently visited? Well since the explosion of the internet, we’ve seen a decline in the amount of people going there daily. Until, of course, this game made these locations into PokeStops.

    Now, whenever people go to these locations, they can use them to stock up on supplies to catch more Pokemon. So if you told yourself when you were a kid that you would never go to the library after midnight, that day has come. Especially if you need a Pokemon that can only be found at night.

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