By now we've all heard of Pokemon Go and how it's taking over New Jersey. Here are the places in South Jersey where you can catch them all!

  • 1

    Imagination Station & Patriot Lake in Galloway

    Water Pokemon are around the lake and other types hang out around the field!

  • 2

    The Ocean City Boardwalk

    While you're enjoying some ice cream and rollercoasters, have you phone handy so you don't miss any Pokemon!

  • 3

    Rowan University

    While roaming the campus, be ready for random Pokemon to sneak up on you.

  • 4

    Heritage Park in Absecon

    Like Patriot Lake, you can find a diverse crowd at Heritage Park!

  • 6

    The Atlantic City Boardwalk

    Casinos included, there are endless spots in Atlantic City to find some Pokemon to add to your collection.

  • 5

    Laurel Acres Park in Mt. Laurel

    Another park where more Pokemon await!

  • 7

    Our Lady Star of the Sea in Cape May

    It's rumored that there is an amazing Pokemon gym hidden here...

  • 8

    Smithville Village

    Stop by the Village Green to see what you can find!

  • 9

    Rams Head Inn in Galloway

    Check out the fountain in front of the restaurant where water Pokemon are waiting!

  • 10

    Downtown Kings Highway in Haddonfield

    You can stop by some of the cute little shops and restaurants as you keep your eyes peeled for more Pokemon.