A fitness reality show hosted by 'Stone Cold Steve Austin' called the 'Broken Skull Challenge' looks for the most elite and craziest athletes in the world.  A contestant would have to be willing to participate in just about any obstacle course  that comes their way, and it's not stopping this South Jersey Mom from winning.


Meet Gena Rivera, she's from Atlantic City, and you will see her compete in the 'Broken Skull Challenge' this February on CMT.  For Gena, being a part of this show is more than just showing the world how fit you are or being a fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin, she was inspired to compete by her daughter.


According to the Press of Atlantic City, 'Her first pregnancy left her with a huge weight gain — she was 205 pounds on a 5’2” frame — and her baby was born in 2013 with a serious medical condition that took all of her attention and time for a year. So getting back into shape, and onto the show, was a major accomplishment.'



Gena's one-year old daughter, Emma, was born with a condition in which many of her organs had formed in a sac outside of her body.  Emma spent the first nine months of her life inside the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.  She's home now,  her health continues to improve, and it is for that reason along  that inspires her Mother.


Gena worked out regularly prior to the pregnancy, but after watching her daughter fight and get better physically, Gena pushed herself even harder in the gym.  She even put together an outdoor gym, and is often seen carrying a 30lb log around the neighborhood (que any song of from the Rocky soundtrack here).  She's even started her own personal training business called 'Fire Fitness', which you can learn more here.


Look for Gena to compete on the Broken Skull Challenge on February 15th at 8PM on CMT!