Nick Strom says he was often asked by the school principal if a player he wanted for his football or golf team was white or black.

Strom was recently terminated by Camden Catholic High School, informed by school administrators that his contract both as football/golf coach and history teacher would not be renewed after the current school year. But Strom think he was forced out for having too many black players on his teams.

Strom tells Courier Post that on several occasions since his hiring in 2013 CCHS Principal Mary Whipkey would ask if a list of potential players were white or black and if they came from single or two-parent households.

“I think this is from me not conforming with their viewpoints on what they want the student body and the football team to look like,” Strom says.

Whipkey rebutted those allegation to Courier Post this week stating, "This is a special community here. We embrace our diversity here. Those accusations are not true."

According to, Strom has retained a lawyer and is exploring his options. Attorney Daniel Silverman says, “[Strom] is very upset about losing his job with Camden Catholic and that’s why he retained us. He loved working there and the kids he was coaching, and he’s very upset with what happened.”

We'll be continuing to follow this story as it develops.

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