Ah, homecoming..... some of the best memories of high school happen during this epic week of fall.

Almost every day is a different theme and the best pep-rally of the year always happened at the end of the week. Seriously, best week of high school EVER.

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At almost every homecoming pep-rally, all the classes compete for the title of spirit week champs. Part of that competition usually includes a skit or a dance of some sort relating to your class's Spirit Week theme. Some are lazily thrown together, depending on each classes' level of enthusiasm. Others are pretty amazing. The time and effort some classes spend on their skits these days is pretty wild. The creativity is pretty neat to watch.

This was a good one...

A high school in Arizona went viral after PopSugar.com posted their video of a Harry Potter-themed dance. It's so impressive, in fact, it looks like it was professionally choreographed. Not to mention the fact that they even had moving set pieces. Seriously, is this a broadway show or just for Spirit Week? The dedication, just WOW. The only thing you'll have to say after watching this performance is this: "Great job, kids."

Walden Grove definitely put some, if not all, spirit week skits to shame. It's time to step the pep-rally game up. Doesn't it bring back all the HOCO memories?

Check out the entire skit below.

via Youtube

Source: PopSugar.com

Speaking of viral dances, here are the dumbest and most dangerous internet challenges all the kids are doing:

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