School officials and police in Collingswood, New Jersey are reportedly looking into an unsanctioned high school club accused of discriminating against fellow students based on their race.

Under investigation is a not-so-underground club known as 'White Student Union'.

Is a Racist Club Being Run by Students at a South Jersey High School?

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Students at Collingswood High School tell members of 'White Student Union' publicly bully other students through the use of racial slurs.

The most recent incident of racial bias took place at the school just before spring break, reports.

Police Involved in Investigation into Racial Bias Club at Collingswood, NJ School

Collingswood Police Department
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The harassment has reached a level where it's now gotten the attention of the Collingswood Police Department and the Camden County Prosecutor's Office, according to 6abc.

In a recent letter to students, faculty, parents, and the Collingswood school community, Superintendent Fred McDowell stated, "I am deeply troubled by the allegations. We remain deeply committed to dismantling racism in all its forms and providing equal access to an education that will empower all students."

The statement indicated that disciplinary action against 'White Student Union' members could be taken depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Parents of Collingswood, NJ Students Concerned Over Alleged Racial Bias Club

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Keyona Wharton, the mother of a Collingswood High School student, echoed McDowell's concern, telling 6abc, "It's bothersome, especially this day and age to think that it's still going on and the stuff kids have to deal with." She wants the students involved in the alleged hate club to be punished, saying, "I think, because there's no consequences for the students when they do certain things, that it's going to continue on."

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It's such concerning behavior from anyone let alone teenagers. I hope the school district continues to take these racial bullying allegations seriously.

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