We asked and you responded. If you could tell someone who is visiting South Jersey for the first time where to go, where would it be? If you could only tell them one place or thing to go or do, what would that be?

Would you tell them to go to the beach? Would you tell them to go to a winery? Here are the places you suggested.

  • 1

    The Beach

    This was one of the most popular suggestions. Our beaches in South Jersey are definitely a hot spot for tourists.

  • 2

    Cowtown Rodeo

    Kevin on Facebook suggested Cowtown Rodeo. Cowtown Rodeo is America's oldest weekly rodeo. Who knew in New Jersey right?

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  • 3

    Funny Farm Animal Rescue

    This one came in from Mary on Facebook. Funny Farm Animal Rescue is unique because you can interact with all sorts of farm animals that have been rescued.

    Credit: Matt and Laurie via Facebook
  • 4

    Cape May County Park and Zoo

    This was another popular answer. The Cape May Zoo has a wide variety of animals and themed exhibits.

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  • 5

    Wildwood Boardwalk

    We have some amazing boardwalks here in South Jersey. A few people suggested the Wildwood Boardwalk and Deborah suggested eating curly fries there.

    Credit TSM
  • 6

    Climb a Lighthouse

    There are 8 lighthouses in South Jersey. Take a day to climb a few of them and get a great view of South Jersey from the top.

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  • 7

    Eat Fudge and Salt Water Taffy

    Keith on Facebook suggested this one. Salt water taffy was invented in Atlantic City, which means having salt water taffy in South Jersey is the perfect thing to do.

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  • 8

    Visit a Winery

  • 9

    Eat a Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese

    It was shocking that only Kevin on Instagram suggested this one. You can't visit South Jersey without eating a pork roll, egg, and cheese.