Fall is arriving in South Jersey, and so are the smells of pumpkins, the turning of leaves, and lots of opportunities for fun!

If you're like me, and summer completely blew you by (I never made it to the beach or the boardwalk, not even once), then you don't want to end up having autumn FOMO. Here's a bunch of things to put on your fall bucket list!


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    Plant Mums

    Festive and so fragrant!

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    Brave a Haunted Hayride

    Spooky but necessary!

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    Carve a Jack-o-Lantern

    This is actually something I've never done!

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    Hang at a Bonfire

    I'll bring the marshmallows!

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    Jump into a Pile of Leaves

    Preferably one that was just raked and nice and fluffy!

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    Something I rarely do because I'm kind of an indoor girl, but it's a must-hang at least once during the football season.

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    Host an Adult Trick or Treat

    Maybe a bowl of tiny liquor bottles to go along with the Reese's PB Cups?

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    Hike the Pine Barrens

    It never worked out so well for characters on The Sopranos, but it's something I'm curious about.

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    Hit Up a Cranberry Festival

    Just because it's pumpkin spice season doesn't mean cranberries should be overlooked! There's a great festival every October in Chatsworth!

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    Find an Oktoberfest

    Scarves, gloves, and a big stein full of seasonal beer.