We recently asked you to take a poll regarding your bucket list. It would be unfair and unjust to ask you to do such as thing, without sharing my list.  I must warn you though, mine is a little out there....


but still serves the same purpose.


Tom Morgan's Bucket List

  • Do something stupid on the Philadelphia Eagles JumboTron.  Like wear a Giants jersey.
  • Be interviewed by Matt Lauer, promoting my latest biography 'Morgan: with a side of hot sauce and pickles.'.   Of course, during the duration of this interview, I'm picking my nose the whole time.
  •  Go nuts while playing mini golf, every time I sink a putt, and by going nuts I mean scream bloody murder.
  •  Touch an iceberg
  • Get on a NJ Transit, and create a rock version of the 'wheels on the bus'.  The goal is to have everybody singing by the time I reach my destination.
  • Ride a camel


Things I've Already Checked Off My List

  • Go to Wrestlemania and hang out with Ric Flair  (soon to be accomplished in April)  Look, I wanted to do this when I was 12.  The dream never left.
  • Stand 10 feet away from Bono while he, and U2, sing "Sunday Bloody Sunday".  (Charlottesville, VA, October 2009)
  • Have my own morning show
  • Live on the beach
  • Steal Heather DeLuca's Oreos from her cookie jar.


What's on YOUR bucket list?  Is there anything on your list that you can do in South Jersey?


Comment below!

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