Since 1980, I've been fascinated with wanting to ride a mechanical bull. I blame it on the film Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta and Debra Winger (actually I still can't believe they made a WHOLE movie with the premise of conquering a mechanical bull, but whatever). I was riveted by the whole 'boys do it well, girls do it better' storyline. I'm always up for a challenge, lol.

Somehow though I've never worked up the nerve to give this 'sport' a try in public. Maybe that will change by the end of the Summer of SoJO but, for now, all I've managed to do is pose on one, lol.

Join SoJO 104.9 on Saturday, July 18th for some real-life bull riding action at Red Cup Rodeo at Miller Farms in Berlin! It's shaping up to be a fun event for the entire family!

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