A South Jersey teacher who wanted to take his 11th grade students to a Philadelphia 76ers basketball game as a 'thank you' got some help from the franchise.

Matt Groark, a health and phys-ed teacher at Washington Township High School, recently went through a personal ordeal when his wife Kristin miscarried a child for the fifth time in 7 years. Two students got together to gift Mr. Groark with a pair of Sixers tickets so he and his wife could take their minds off their loss. He was so overwhelmed by concern and his support from his 11th grade students, that he wanted to find a special way to thank them, by returning the favor and taking them all on a trip to a Sixers game, reports Courier Post.

Philadelphia 76ers v Indiana Pacers
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Groark began a social media campaign to raise money to buy game tickets, or find someone willing to donate them, 6abc.com reports. He was able to come up with 22 tickets before finding out the 76ers were able to round that out to 30 tickets for the March 13th game against the Indiana Pacers. And someone also reportedly offered a balcony suite where student chaperones can hang out.
I think the world could use a whole lot more of this kind of mutual appreciation and respect, and more help from those with power and influence.

SOURCE: 6abc; Courier Post

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