A video showing Anna Weiss, a former Philadelphia 76ers Dance Team Captain, berating a fellow teammate with racially-charged comments has caused the organization to mount an investigation.

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In the graphic and disturbing clip, originally posted to Instagram in 2016, Anna Weiss dramatically and loudly bullies Yahne Coleman with outbursts like, "I will find you in whatever home project you live in. I will slum it to the West Side of Philly just to find your (expletive), beat the (expletive) out of it," Weiss says in the video.

Coleman reportedly claims she was the victim of bullying and racial abuse during her time on the Dance Team, and even brought details of the incidents, and the video itself, to the attention of team coach Dayna Haftez and Sixers team management, but it fell on deaf ears.

But now 76ers are taking Coleman's experiences more seriously and investigating Weiss.

via 6abc.com
via 6abc.com

In a statement to 6abc.com, a Sixers spokesperson said, "We take this situation very seriously. We intend to investigate this matter immediately and remain committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and equality."

Weiss has reportedly taken to social media to apologize for her actions. She's changed the profile picture on her Instagram to a black square.

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As a former dancer, cheerleader, and human being, I'm so offended by the things Weiss said in this video. All of it is disgusting and unbecoming. Not only the racially motivated comments but the flat-out bullying and threats of violence. So many women work so hard to train and compete for a spot on the Sixers Dance Team, and to know that Anna Weiss got to be a member AND a captain is disappointing given that she clearly doesn't deserve to lead anyone as someone who would exhibit this kind of behavior, even under the weakest of circumstances. She behaved like a BULLY. And, shame on whoever filmed this video for her, and on all the other women in the limo with Weiss who didn't speak up in defense of Yahne Coleman.

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