A 15-year-old Hammonton High School student combined her love of music and basketball into videos on social media, and quickly earned the attention of the Philadelphia 76ers and scores of followers.

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Meet Sadie Smith. She's a sophomore who's turning into a local internet star. She's been playing piano since she was 9, and back in mid-December at the start of the Sixers preseason, Sadie uploaded a video of her playing an instrumental piano version of the team's theme song 'Here They Come' to Twitter.

Sadie's clip got noticed by a member of the Sixers organization, and now her Twitter page as SixersSadie has grown to more than 8,000 followers.

Philadelphia Inquirer. “When I posted the first video, I thought I would get 10-15 likes, and it took off from there.”

76ers Director of Content Strategy, Content and Digital Media Sean Spencer tells the Inquirer, “Our incredibly active and creative fan base alerted us to @SixersSadie or ‘Sixers Piano Girl’ and we were blown away by Sadie’s incredible performance on Twitter. We reached out to her and asked her to perform for our ‘Sixers Win’ tweet after our victory against the Orlando Magic on New Year’s Eve.”

Sadie's also gotten to play on a Sixers pregame livestream show.

Sadie's reportedly only ever been to three Sixers games in person, but hopes to attend many more when fans are allowed to return to Wells Fargo Center. One thing's for sure, he enthusiasm for the team is certainly spreading cheer and making South Jersey proud. You go, Sadie!

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