Britney in Galloway is outraged with her sister Katie, and it has to do with her baby's name.

Dean Mitchell
Dean Mitchell

Britney is 6 months pregnant and told us that she can't believe that her sister Katie, who just gave birth, stole what she wanted to be her baby's name.

Katie has known that Britney always wanted to name her first born son Steven, and has never really expressed any interest in the name until she gave birth. Britney also told us that as a matter of fact, Katie didn't even have the name Steven on her list of boy names.

Katie hasn't given Britney a reason other than, "I just like the name, and he looks like a Steven".

***Side note that Britney is younger than Katie, and is happily married. Katie is 5 years older than Britney and is not married***

What advice do you have for Britney about her Relation Situation?



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