Listener Cathy in Mays Landing is dating Parker who has an unusual lifestyle. Parker calls himself a Naturist (nudist), and that is causing a problem with Cathy and her friends.

Classy woman with naked guy

Cathy tells us that she and Parker started dating a few months ago, and when her friends and family found out that Parker is a Naturist, they don't want anything to do with him - and they haven't been hanging out with Cathy any more, either.

They think it's gross that Parker enjoys being naked all the time, and the whole thing is really embarrassing for Cathy. She is really into him and he's a great guy...he just doesn't like to wear clothes, and now her friends and family are giving her a hard time about it.

So what do you do when your friends don't like the guy you are dating?

Would YOU date a Naturist? What should Cathy do about her Relation Situation?

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