Jeff in Hammonton will be getting married to Amy in a few months, but the father-of-the-bride has asked Jeff to do something he isn't very comfortable doing.

He wants Jeff to take their family name.


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Amy's father is an influential man with a lot of money. Amy is the family's only child and her father doesn't want to lose their family legacy. So, he wants Jeff to take their last name, instead of Amy taking Jeff's last name.

Jeff has some outstanding bills and student loans, and Amy's dad says that if Jeff does this for the family, he'll take care of Jeff's debt and buy them a house as a "wedding present".

Jeff told us that he is very proud of his family and heritage, but he has 3 brothers and if he accepts this deal, he won't have any more debt and a new house.

Although Jeff says he doesn't feel comfortable taking Amy's last name, (he and his family are very traditional) he's thinking of the financial gain in doing so.

What would you do if you were Jeff? Any advice for him?

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