Maggie in Upper Township doesn't want to sound ungrateful, but there is something about her engagement ring she tells us that she just can't get past.

Her boyfriend Tom, of almost a year, recently proposed and she said yes! Maggie says that Tom has a house and a good job and she was more than a little surprised by the ring...

Sad girlfriend looking her engagement ring

1. It wasn't really the style she prefers

2. The ring was a little smaller than she was expecting her engagement ring to be (considering Tom has a good job and all).


3. Tom told Maggie that he got the ring on GROUPON. Yes, Groupon.

Maggie is looking forward to marrying Tom, but she just can't get past the ring. Every time she looks at it, she thinks GROUPON. She's embarrassed to tell her girlfriends and family where Tom got the ring.

How to YOU feel about Maggie's Engement Ring Relation Situation?

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