Sherry in Wildwood Crest has been dating Roger for about 6 weeks, and things are going pretty well, except...

Roger is a momma's boy...and 30 years old.


Mother Adoring Daughter's Date


Mother and son constantly text each other and "Momma" is at Roger's house 3 or 4 times a week. "Momma" even stops by his house to do his laundry and straighten up a bit, Sherry tells us.

When they are on a date, "Momma" will text. When Sherry complimented Roger on his shirt, he told her, "Thanks, Mom just got it for me".

They even kiss each other on the lips.

Sherry says it bugs her that he and his mother are so close, but she thinks that the more they date, the less he'll be distracted by his mom.

So Sherry wants advice on how to date a Momma's Boy. Can Sherry change his ways? Will his mother keep out of their relationship?

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