Last summer season, Sea Isle City dealt with numerous instances of teenagers getting rowdy after dark. So, how does the shore town plan to discourage that behavior this summer?

Packs of teenagers being loud and loitering became a common problem in 2021, according to, and Sea Isle is hoping they've learned how to respond to the crowds and put enough measures in place to lessen the disturbances.

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Sea Isle Police Department Captain Anthony Garreffi tells his staff will be on high alert for trouble related to groups of adolescents. Last year, teens gravitated to beaches at night and camped out on railings at The Promenade. There were also reportedly numerous underage drinking violations.

Police Will Be Out Early

Boats at Sunset

Capt. Gareffi says Sea Isle City Police will be out near the beaches and on the Sea Isle Promenade earlier in the day.

“I think what we want to do is let the juveniles know that we’re going to be out early – in the beginning of the summer,” said Capt. Garreffi tells Sea Isle News, “That’s a big thing we can do to prevent them from gathering in one place".

Stepping Up Patrols

Google Maps
Google Maps

SIC says they'll dedicate every available police officer they have to monitor the area teens favor hanging out most. 20 seasonal officers have reportedly been hired.


Michal Jakubowski/Unsplash
Michal Jakubowski/Unsplash

The town will install new surveillance cameras ahead of the 4th of July Weekend to more closely monitor public safety, according to Capt. Garetti.

Many of those cameras will be between 30th St. and 40th St. in Sea Isle’s bar district. Others will be placed at the playground area off JFK Blvd.

An Urge for Stricter Parenting

Leah Hetteberg/Unsplash
Leah Hetteberg/Unsplash

Capt. Garetti tells, “I hope parents take the alcohol and marijuana warnings seriously. The discipline needs to come from home."

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