Rowan University will have a meeting Wednesday on the possibility of opening a new medical school campus in Atlantic City.

The university has been working with AtlantiCare to potentially open a campus of Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine within AC. Costs would be split between the two, and it would be Rowan's first attempt at opening a campus in the area.

According to, Rowan University and AtlantiCare have been in talks for a while to have a joint project, and opening a medical campus seems to be the perfect plan. Now that they have a potential plan, the university plans to do a 'feasibility study.'

[A feasibility study is analyzing a project to see if its doable taking into consideration the cost and profit. It usually happens when large sums are at stake. Thanks business dictionary!]

With that being said, the firm Tripp Umbach is being considered to do the study on the impact the medical school will have.

If this plan follows through, it will be interesting to see how it can be potentially beneficial to the Atlantic City area.