Beer Pong, Screw The Dealer, Kings, Quarters.... am I bringing you back to your college days yet?

In case you didn't guess, I'm referring to some of the most popular drinking games that trigger some serious nostalgia for those of us who've been out of college for at least two years or more. For many, those were the glory days. Would we ever go back? Depending on how hard you partied, those answers may differ from person to person, hah!

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Remember going to parties at your friend's school in another state and playing a drinking game you never heard of before? That's because the most popular drinking games differ from state to state.

For example, if you went to Stockton or Rowan Universities and you went away for a weekend to visit your friend at the University of Delaware, chances are their go-to drinking game wasn't the same one you played at all of your college basement parties.

A new survey brought about by studying Google Trends determined the most popular drinking game in each individual state. If you thought Jersey's most popular was beer pong, you're actually dead wrong.

Apparently, the most popular drinking game here in the Garden State is actually Quarters. Have you ever played it?

Not going to lie to you, here.... I've NEVER played it. During my college days, we played a lot of Flip Cup, Beer Pong, and Kings. Times have changed, though. I've been out of college for about 8 years now, so it's definitely possible the games we used to play are considered games the old heads played at this point.

The survey's only slightly suspicious to me, though. On the one hand, it says that the most popular drinking game in Delaware is Flip Cup. That, I totally believe. Still, on the flip side (no pun intended), they determined that PA's most popular game is Thunderstruck. To that I ask, what the heck is "Thunderstruck???" I've never even heard of that one....

Maybe, I'm an old head now, but if these are the findings of Google Trends, I guess I stand corrected.

You'll still find me playing Kings on a Friday night with friends, though.


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