The biggest hit of the night during Game 2 of the Phillies NLCS didn't involve a bat and a ball.

Nope. The biggest hit came after some numbnut decided to run onto and around the outfield at Citizens Bank Park.

You can imagine how well THAT went.

The fan ran with his hands in the air, probably expecting to be the envy of all his friends, before getting laid OUT by a security guard. Like, it was an NFL-level kind of hit. The dude got DESTROYED.

wooder_ice on Instagram rightly suggested the Philadelphia Eagles sign that security guard for their defensive line, lol. I think Phillies pitcher Jose Alvarado's reaction to the tackle was the most entertaining part of the clip. He looked stunned and impressed. Another post by barstoolsports shows a different angle of the carnage.




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But I'm here for the comments on social media, lol.

barstoolsports/Instagram wooder_ice/Instagram; Canva
barstoolsports/Instagram wooder_ice/Instagram; Canva

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