For Phillies Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park, player Bryce Harper sported a jacket that's the epitome of Philadelphia pride.

The front baseman's jacket, reportedly custom made, shows love for all four major Philadelphia sports teams: Eagles, 76ers, Flyers and, of course, Phillies.

Phillies' Bryce Harper Wears Philly Pride Jacket on Opening Day

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Harper's confident saunter into CBP was captured on video by MLB.

Phillies First Baseman Bryce Harper Shows Love for Philly with Custom Jacket

From day one with the Phillies in 2019, Bryce Harper has fully embraced the City of Brotherly Love.

The jacket he chose to wear for the Phillies home opener against the Atlanta Braves on Friday proves he's just as devoted as ever.

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Let this be a sign to the Phillies to replicate this custom fashion piece and make it available to fans in the Pro Shop. It can be limited-edition gear! You know this thing would sell out like THAT.

Harper was given the job as permanent first baseman after the Phillies decided to let Rhys Hoskins (who missed most of the 2023 season due to injury) go.

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