Party and a cake? Too basic for this 94-year-old Pennsylvania grandmother who went skydiving to celebrate her birthday.

LIKE A TOTAL BAD-A**! [**please note picture above is not the woman, just stock image**]

Elia Campbell made the bold choice to make the plunge to celebrate her 94th birthday. She says she figured she may not 'make it' another year at her age (which as morbid as that is, I totally get it).

So, she brought her granddaughter and great-granddaughter along to Hazleton Regional Airport to do the 10,000 foot jump with 'Above the Poconos Skydivers.' Apparently, the owner has never seen anyone at her age take the plunge:

If this woman is still making things happen for herself at 94, what's our excuse? Let's make things happen today, and cross off our bucket list shall we?

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