Wow! What luck! Not only was it a birthday celebration for one woman, it was becoming a millionaire on the same day! Because, ANYTHING can happen in Jersey, right?

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Well, that's true. Anything CAN happen in New Jersey. But this story takes place in Victoria, Australia.

The woman, who's chosen to keep her identity private, according to, was given a lottery ticket for her birthday from her husband for Aussie's TattsLotto Superdraw, which sounds a lot like Jersey's Powerball. When the drawing happened, the woman was holding a winning ticket worth $2.9 million.

She tells that she and her husband hardly ever even play the lottery, saying, 'On a whim he went into the store and bought me this ticket. He must have been in the right place at the right time'. I'll say!

As for how the millionaire birthday girl plans to spend her newfound fortune, she reportedly plans to remodel her kitchen and take her family on a tropical vacation.

September 8th was my birthday. I think I'm going to start making it a tradition that I play the lottery every September 8th. Why not, right? Gotta be in it to win it!


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