Like so many of us, Bartholomeo Ficeto spent his birthday in quarantine. But friends and family weren't about to let his 99th birthday come and go without fan fair.

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Lovingly known as "Bennie", the World War II veteran and New Jersey resident was treated to a drive-by party over the weekend. His front porch was decorated with birthday banners and balloons, and those who love him passed by in their cars and honked and waved, according to

Bennie reportedly started bagging groceries at a neighborhood Stop & Shop in his late 80's! So, he found lots of new admirers in the last few years.

I think Bennie might be my new hero! Not only did he serve and protect our country as a vet, but he's spent his golden years continuing to be a productive member of society. Although he probably thoroughly enjoyed his very 2020-like birthday celebration, I hope his 100th birthday next year involves a huge in-person party with lots of hugs and cake.

Happy Birthday, Bennie!

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