Police from all over Camden County made it an unforgettable 6th birthday for one Sicklerville girl Monday night.

Little Stella Plasket got flashing lights, sirens, and parade of police cars driving by her house in Sicklerville to help her celebrate. It was all because Stella is spending this birthday without her dad, Somerdale Police Department Lieutenant Sean Plasket, who is in the hospital.

Lt. Plasket has been reportedly been in intensive care the last several days after undergoing major surgery to remove a brain tumor, according to 6abc.com.

courtesy 6abc.com
courtesy 6abc.com

But fellow local officers, some in patrol cars, other on patrol cycles, took time to support one of their own, making her birthday truly special in his absence.


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Michelle Plasket tells 6abc her husband had a very emotional reaction to the effort made by the community he himself serves and protects, saying, 'I told my husband today in the hospital and he just cried.'

I'm sure Stella was missing her dad. I was so close to my own, I can't even imagine how she must feel. But, hopefully her birthday parade made her smile and gave her enough happiness to last until her father comes home.

Camden County police step up AGAIN! Well done! Happy Birthday to Stella, and tons of well wishes to her dad, Lt. Sean Plasket. We hope he's home soon.

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