Olympic athletes seem to have 3 things in common - they train hard, they are dedicated to their sport, and they make sure they keep their energy up with food.  What food they choose and how much can be unimaginable.

The average person's diet can range between 1,600-2,600 calories a day, depending on gender, height, size and muscle mass.  Obviously the less you eat, the more chance for you to lose weight - add exercise and you will possibly stay in some shape.  Many Olympic athletes can consume 5 times this amount of food, and work out at least 5 times as many hours as the average person.

What athletes put into their body varies greatly.  Some athletes believe in loading on carbohydrates because of how many calories they will burn off during their training, some look for certain vitamins, some may want more protein, and then there are those who have their own idiosyncrasies.

CNN recently at some of those dietary habits, and some may seem odd to the average person - high amounts of bananas consumed, levels of fish consumed that we may not eat in a calender year, and then the total amount of certain foods consumed by all the athletes at the London Games.  Take a look at this breakdown from CNN by clicking here.


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