Back to school shopping has begun and a backpack is on most parents' list this year. A fresh new backpack is a great way to start the school year. However this year a different type of backpack has been made available for students, that comes with a dark and harsh reality.

Office Depot and Office Max are now selling Guard Dog Security Bullet-Resistant ProShield Scout Youth Backpacks, both online and in stores. The backpacks come in black, teal and pink and sell for around $120 through the retailer.

According to Fox 5, "A label on the bag claims that it can stop a 9mm or a .44 Magnum round, but will not stop a round from a high-velocity rifle."

Guard Dog Security via
Guard Dog Security via

The item description on states, "Carry your books, laptop and other essentials to class while enjoying peace of mind, too. The backpack is built to deliver Level IIIA protection thanks to its soft tactical armor, and the padded back and shoulder straps offer comfortable carrying."

The backpack is also available online on the Guard Dog Security website and on Amazon.

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