In Middlesex County, police are putting smiles on drivers' faces with their new message board sign about safety.

6abc News says that although Plainsboro police are making jokes, the message is still really important for drivers in the area.

Plainsboro road is officially clear of any potholes, so Plainsboro police ask drivers to not 'use it like a race track.' And of course, to drive at the speed limit!

Their brand-new solar-powered $15,000 message board (take a breath LOL), reads the cars' speed limits and displays messages like: 'new road surface, speed limit still 25,' and jokes that drivers should listen 'or we put the potholes back!'

So far, drivers are responding positively to the sign and like it's light-heartedness!

Because of its positive reception, Plainsboro police already have more messages in mind for the future.

Check out the video from 6abc News here: